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Chirping to her Own Drum



Crabbies in a Pot

I was sharing with my sister (my best friend) something that had happened at my work this past week. It was what we call a "learning opportunity" in which I was doing very well at my work, but another coworker,... Continue Reading →

Tweeting from Another Channel: Sunday Blessings!

Remember, how much you shine, my dear ones! There is nothing to prove. Just be the Best Version of Yourself as you are, right now, right here, today. Sunday Blessings, My Loves!

Do Go Gently Through The Day

The photo captured my imagination. The words that followed were a mantle of peace that settled on my soul. Enjoy! “Go gently…” Blessings! KaiCarra

The Why About This


Tenderly do eyelids open,

viewing softly sunlight rays.

Sweetly hearing birdsong singing …

 … “do go gently through the day”.

Do go gently through the day.

Do your best but open stay,

Heedlessly of come what may

Love and laughter your mainstay.

Strength need not be rough or rude

A gentle hand does more,

Courage comes to those who care

Opening a closed mind’s door.

Please go gently through the day

weathering life’s storms,

endless strength comes from the heart

when peace becomes the norm.

~ Plh, 2016

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Are you being true to yourself?

It takes great courage to be yourself, as you are, without pretense, but with integrity. This writer echoes that in this lovely piece. I used to censor myself, because I thought other people would just not get me, judge me, etc. But hiding who we are is not the answer. As the author wrote, we were born unique. While it is frightening to be different, what an honor we have been born with–to see things with an eye of beauty. Other people need us, whether they know it or not. 🙂 As the author says, ” You were crafted with love, care and precision, and when you were being created, the question on the artist’s mind was not what others will think of you or your path but what you would make of yourself.” ENJOY! Blessings, KaiCarra

The Thought Umbrella

Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s okay. You’re here to live your life, not to make everyone understand.” — Banksy

I read this quote by the famous graffiti artist known for art terrorism and found myself nodding in agreement. You could be an artist, a banker, a carpenter, a barista, a monk or any damn thing you can imagine but one thing is for sure- you will walk a path that has never been walked before, one that is unique to you. We are all similar in many ways and yet couldn’t be more different from each other. That is how the universe intended it to be. You were born as a unique individual so you could contribute to this world in novel, eccentric and fascinating ways. You are not just any other individual, you are YOU, created with passion by the master artist with an infinitely big reservoir of creative energy…

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Be Hopeful

I just loved this post so much, I had to share. This Lent Season, my priest, who has become a good friend, said that I should give up my fear, and the negative thoughts that go along with it (I've... Continue Reading →

The next few weeks…

My focus will be on the past. Gathering it together. If ever someone will want to know, for whatever reason, I want them to be able to find my stories, and the amazing miracles that have happened in my life,... Continue Reading →

Fave Blog this Week: The Defendant

Source: The Defendant As I read this beautiful prose, I found myself racing a little faster to reach each new line, eager to consume what was next. In "waiting", this subject inspired me so that I could not wait to see how it... Continue Reading →

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