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Chirping to her Own Drum



Showcasing “music in your voice” — by The Lonely Author

There is music in your voice like a summer breeze so warm and tender that rustles through my leaves surrounding me in splendor... (Cont'd)...Read More via music in your voice — The Lonely Author    

I Will Not Quit!

There are many times we feel like quitting: we give so much effort, with so little return; those around us would prefer to keep the status quo and not make waves. People cannot relate outside their sphere of experience...

#TunesTuesday: Orianthi’s “Here On Earth”

A couple of weeks ago I asked one of my four #CoolCats, (my little group of Tweeples who are equally crazed about music and cats, like me 🙂 )to share with me one of his favorite songs—a song that moved... Continue Reading →

Music: When He Was Over There by ManagerSteve

Talented musician sings heartfelt ballad...

Red Letter Day: She’s Coming Home!

Musician's beloved piano comes home...

Music Monday: Chances Are

Hatred. Hatred is crushing. Some people seem to feel stronger with hatred in their heart, letting it take over and doing battle next to them. I feel lost in it. I'm not used to hatred within me. It is  more than uncomfortable-... Continue Reading →

K-Love Fan Awards Winner List – Live!

K-Love Fan Awards Winners 2015! Congratulations and I'm happy for your recognition for your plethora of talent! I wish you continued success! Blessings! #KaiCarra

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