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Chirping to her Own Drum



Showcasing “music in your voice” — by The Lonely Author

There is music in your voice like a summer breeze so warm and tender that rustles through my leaves surrounding me in splendor... (Cont'd)...Read More via music in your voice — The Lonely Author    

Thank You So Much!

K'Cadences' Blog recently celebrated its 3rd anniversary! Thank you so much for reading and sharing my random thoughts. Many many blessings to you and yours, this coming New Year!! Here are the most popular posts from the last three years.... Continue Reading →

Christmas Sunrise from KaiCarra

May you and yours have.... (click on the link below for more)

In Our Busy Holiday Season…

Wishing you a Beautiful Season! Please click on card! 🙂


AS I work more on the behind-the scenes of "The Moon Is Too Quiet" film, I come to deeper realizations. I will not be playing myself at any age. Maybe I will have a cameo, but I will leave the... Continue Reading →

On Another Channel: Dancing Goat!

Those of you who know me well, know that I am just crazy over GOATS! I think they are the cutest, most lovable, laughable critters, and their antics are sure to bring a smile anytime. Just ask me over here, and... Continue Reading →

KaiCarra’s Near Death Experience

This is really where it began for me. At the end. Or so I thought. This was when I met God at the bottom of a cliff, in the form of a hand that wiggled in through a broken, bloody... Continue Reading →

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