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Christmas Sunrise from KaiCarra

May you and yours have.... (click on the link below for more)

In Our Busy Holiday Season…

Wishing you a Beautiful Season! Please click on card! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

KaiCarra wishes you a warm and Happy Thanksgiving!

I Will Not Quit!

There are many times we feel like quitting: we give so much effort, with so little return; those around us would prefer to keep the status quo and not make waves. People cannot relate outside their sphere of experience...


AS I work more on the behind-the scenes of "The Moon Is Too Quiet" film, I come to deeper realizations. I will not be playing myself at any age. Maybe I will have a cameo, but I will leave the... Continue Reading →

Small Easter

Continuing from my post from yesterday and into this coming week…..Yesterday. I was talking about how Good Friday “felt big” to me this year, and even so, I was holding on for Easter. I’m very thankful for this post–it reassures us that sometimes that’s Life. Good Friday IS big, and Easter feels small. That it was that way even for the first Easter. Sometimes Easter starts out small–but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important, or even, less “exactly on time.”


Spacious Faith


A few years ago I audited a class at St. Paul seminary on “Preaching and the Short Story.” There was a story on the syllabus with “Easter” in the title, and I kept thinking I should read that before I wrote my Easter sermon.

So this story title, “Small Easter,” kept rattling around in my brain. I’ve got to read “Small Easter,” I would tell myself. Maybe tonight I’ll have time to read Updike’s “Small Easter,” I would think. Small Easter, Small Easter, Small Easter.

And finally, I sat down to read the story. And it wasn’t “Small Easter” at all. It was “Short Easter.”

The thing is, that year, I felt like I was having a small Easter. And we’re not supposed to have small Easters. Ever. Because Easter is big. Theologically speaking, probably the biggest day of the Christian year. We have an extra worship…

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Reflections on Another Year

So, it is my birthday this week. And Holy Week. And the Full Moon. And a full lunar eclipse. Sheesh..... And I was asking myself earlier today why I felt so much ambivalent and nervous energy. Hello. But I just... Continue Reading →

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