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Chirping to her Own Drum

What Did You Want To Be?

Sometimes the journey back to ourselves is a long one. But it is a journey worth taking. (Click to read more...)


Thank You So Much!

K'Cadences' Blog recently celebrated its 3rd anniversary! Thank you so much for reading and sharing my random thoughts. Many many blessings to you and yours, this coming New Year!! Here are the most popular posts from the last three years.... Continue Reading →

There are stars…

It is always the darkest before the dawn….I’m dedicating this to those who need a little encouragement today. God bless you!

Sacred Touches

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 10.43.01 PM.png
**Images via Pinterest; collage by Natalie

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Christmas Sunrise from KaiCarra

May you and yours have.... (click on the link below for more)

In Our Busy Holiday Season…

Wishing you a Beautiful Season! Please click on card! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

KaiCarra wishes you a warm and Happy Thanksgiving!

I Will Not Quit!

There are many times we feel like quitting: we give so much effort, with so little return; those around us would prefer to keep the status quo and not make waves. People cannot relate outside their sphere of experience...

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