KaiCarra can be reached at her publicist’s email, gobriaristudio@gmail.com. She is an ambient composer affiliated with BMI and IMDb. She is also a singer, pianist, and recording artist with 3 albums & 2 singles published. She is now learning about film, as she prepares to direct her first film, in which she wrote and composed.

Growing up Catholic, she can best be described as a Mystic Christian. Her art and music are infused with her spirituality. After deciding to practice the Benedictine Rule since 2009, she is preparing for her final Oblation in the upcoming year.

While she has experienced many events in her life ranging from learning to walk again without limping after an almost-fatal car accident, surviving child abuse, to composing music and ultimately singing at the United Nations in Paris, 2003, she finds “God is not done with” her yet. In 2009, the same year she decided to become an Oblate, she was diagnosed with a genetically-disposed autoimmune disease. Additional complications from the disease has affected the formation (abnormal shape) of her blood cells (resulting in less oxygen in blood) and bone/joint pain.

She was used to jumping up on any new terrific idea and running with it, eagerly. In the last few years, she struggles with her “new reality” and carefully chooses where to spend her limited energy. Of course, comparing between the “then” and “now”, depression was sometimes part of the battle.

But her stamina has slowly improved over the last several years, and once again, she finds herself working 40-60 hours per week on areas she is passionate about.

While she leads her marketing corporation, she continues to reach out,ย telling her stories and the insights she’s learned, advocating for children, recognizing people who are leaders in “walking their talk”, composing music and making films. She continues to try to make a positive difference in others’ lives by living her three values: conviction, integrity, and courage. Her work will be her Legacy.

If she ever retires, she wants to surround herself with pear trees, flowers, picturesque nature, a small cottage to live in, two cats, one dog, two goats, one horse, and a brood of chickens. She will have farm help of course, as she intends only to crochet, play piano, write letters to friends on beautiful stationery, eat pears, make goat cheese, drink a nightly glass of Bordeaux, cuddle kitties, protect her chickens as she walks with her dog, and adventure with her horse on trail rides. And why not? She will “wear purple”. ๐Ÿ™‚ All of that, would be her perfect bliss.

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