K’Cadences’ Blog recently celebrated its 3rd anniversary! Thank you so much for reading and sharing my random thoughts. Many many blessings to you and yours, this coming New Year!!

Here are the most popular posts from the last three years. God bless you!

This Year’s (2016) Top Post:

I will never let go of your hand
Your Heavenly Father LOVES You.

At the bottom of a cliff, there was God. As  a hand wiggled its way through the broken, bloody windshield  just, to hold my own….

Source: KaiCarra’s Near Death Experience



Last Year’s (2015) Top Post:

Goats are GREAT!

GOATS! Anyone who knows me well knows I LOVE goats! Love them. All the time – I’m talking about them, dreaming about them, naming them, thinking of how I can have a rotating goat grazin…

Source: Because Goats are Great!


2014’s Top Post:

Mr Brody Cypress High Drama Teacher
Mr Ron Brody, Cypress High School, CA

Many years ago, in a sun-filled land dotted with strawberry fields and palm trees there was a teacher that many students feared. He was gruff and knew what he wanted from his students. He had visio…

Source: Kindred Spirits…and their Legacy