May you and all your loved ones have nothing but joy in your hearts, on this day and in the coming holidays.

As the anonymous wise man said, “Give thanks for a little, and you will find a lot.”

As for me, I am most thankful for my family and friends, both human and furry. 🙂 I’m also thankful for wild plum trees, and my wonderful priest at my church, who taught me to see abundance everywhere. I’m thankful for the little boy in my life who has taught me to actually be interested in football (I know, shocking!) and who has given me so many moments of laughter– like dancing around, rapping as a green blob on Halloween!

I’m thankful for my adopted horse, Nina’s Jazzy Moon, and how sweet and gentle she is. I’m thankful for my many students and how their faces light up when the dawn of comprehension …arrives. They renew my joy. I’m thankful for hummingbirds, blossoms, geckos, bumble bees, mint, pears, and goats. I’m thankful for my longtime friends who have seen me change in unimaginable ways, and love me anyway. I’m thankful for pie–any kind. I’m thankful for unexpected sprinklers going off, and finding a star to wish on.

I’m thankful for the warm kindness of neighbors and strangers alike. I’m thankful for the homeless vet who allowed me to buy him lunch on a winter day, and how he and his dog, and I had the most wonderful conversation about lives and their crazy turns. I’m thankful for a sweet friend I met on Christmas Day, and gave me the blessed knowledge that I was not alone in the darkest of times.

I’m especially thankful….for my sister, and her unbounding love, patience,  laughter, and wisdom.I love sharing our “mama cat” moments.  I’m thankful for my mother, who has a strength that she forgets about, and has to rediscover every time she needs it. But rediscover it, she does, with her lioness roar. I don’t what I’d do without my wise, gentle Bartman the Cat, Frannie the Snow Pom, and Cosi the Dolly Dog, and thank God every day for them! I’m thankful for my Dad, who does the best he can, living in a sad situation.

I’m thankful for God, my Father, who fills the holes others cannot or will not fill, and makes me whole, loving, joyful, peaceful, and optimistic.

I’m thankful….

Give thanks for a little, and you will find a lot.  -Anon

What are you thankful for?

Great blessings to you and yours!