There are many times we feel like quitting: we give so much effort, with so little return;  those around us would prefer to keep the status quo and not make waves. People cannot relate outside their sphere of experience. So if you’ve imagined something far outside the box, don’t expect people to “get it”. The very few will, but most will find what you are trying to do threatening and may even discourage you. Even your family or the ones closest to you may not understand. That’s OK. You get it. You understand. You can do it. And it was not you necessarily, who planted the seed of greatness within you. It may be Someone who is calling you to do it.

I love this song, “I Won’t Give Up” and I dedicate it to my tribe of those who see what is yet to be, what can be, and who are creating it to be. Wherever we are…our kindred souls connect us.