My focus will be on the past. Gathering it together.

If ever someone will want to know, for whatever reason, I want them to be able to find my stories, and the amazing miracles that have happened in my life, easily.

There have been podcasts, songs, interviews, mag articles, silly #CoolCat things. All stuff really. But stuff that has meant lot to me. I guess everyone wants to be remembered, and I think it will be my words, the things I believe in, that are the closest to who I am. But most importantly it is the Love I gave –like in the “Pay It Forward” movie, the love just continues to grown in others’ hearts. I hope it’s like that. Because I have loved deeply and without reservation in this life, and I am thankful to know what that feels like, and to have seen such beauty shine in my everyday life because of it.


I rest in today. I do everything I can, the best I can.

I finally release tomorrow. It’s in His Hands.


This is not a time of idle curiosity. It’s not a gateway of people who once knew me, and in their clouded minds think they have something still valuable to say. This time is about the true ones who have really, really loved me, and have stayed with me. The ones who really know what Love is about, and just because, shared it with me. You Are MY Treasures. Whether I’ve just met you, or have known you since birth, this is the only criterion I have for creating what comes next. This next part is for you.

God bless you.