Do I have your attention now? Good.

Most articles being passed off as factual journalism, are in fact not examples of factual journalism. They should have disclaimers, such as the one at the beginning of my post. Today, facts are not being presented without interpretation of the author or “journalist.” Have you noticed? Even in our presidential debates today, they will give clips of actual sound bytes, sometimes in and sometimes out of context, and then the anchors immediately follow up saying, “stay tuned for commentary and analysis.” And if you really pay attention, notice the amount of air time given to “commentary and analysis” versus just the presentation of facts, or what actually happened.


My friends, in today’s media world we are living in an extension of getting truth through “The Telephone Game.” Remember that game when we were kids? Somebody starts off with a sentence, a fact, as it were, and whispers it to their neighbor. Then that person whispers it to their neighbor, and so on and so on. At the end of the line of students, the last student says aloud what they heard being whispered to them. Most of the time, what they heard and what was originally said was something vastly different, often so comical that it would set off the class in giggles and guffaws!


But when we are adults, and so pressed for time, playing the Telephone Game instead of listening to unbiased facts of an event, is no laughing matter. It is dangerous.



This dangerous way of ascertaining truth on a daily basis, is what brings me to the heart of this post. We can no longer afford to accept our news via The Telephone Game.


Read on.

Source: Notice of Special Edition Post

In November 2015, a small post was published on “Jews News”, an online “news” blog entitled, “University Academics Say Pedophilia is ‘Natural, And Normal for Males to be Aroused by Children’.” Well, that is pretty attention-grabbing, and I’m sure the post enjoys multitudes of viewership on the basis of such a sensational headline. It has spread like wildfire on FaceBook, and that is how it reached my attention.

Here’s the problem: this post is being circulated as factual news. It cites an academic conference, held at Cambridge University, discussing whether or not it should reclassify pedophilia as a sexual preference rather than a disorder in the DSM-5 in the psychiatric field. The DSM-5 is the diagnostic manual or “bible” used by all psychiatrists and mental health professionals to diagnose personality, mental, emotional, etc disorders.

This is very important-this manual, these academic professional opinions-because based on what the psychiatrists decide, the reclassification of pedophilia as a sexual preference will have far-reaching implications on our court systems (how can we prosecute a sex offender who raped a child if he is just expressing his sexual preference?) and on our health care system (how can victims of sexual abuse receive treatment if what they experienced is considered not a deviation but another experience of acceptable sexual practice?) It will redefine much of society’s fabric (HOW ARE WE TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN AGAINST A CRIME, IF IT IS NO LONGER CONSIDERED A CRIME?)

 This article will certainly upset people, without a doubt. And has. Me included.

But is it the truth? Many people after reading the small, unsubstantiated  article wrote to me that basically evil was “in” and good was “out.” Perhaps.

But maybe not.

There are several things that concern me about this article:

  1. Yes, the thought turns my stomach of reclassifying pedophilia as a sexual preference. And that is the foremost concern of mine.

But also:

  1. I have major questions UNANSWERED!
  • Who are the “Academics”?! Who are the “experts”? Are they truly experts, or self-proclaimed wannabes? What is their vested interest? WHY?
  • How did they determine pedophilia was “normal”? Through a survey? Through an experiment? Through a combination of both? Through one study? Through several studies? Through SEVERAL, REPLICATED studies (the only way to truly give credence/believability to such a theory?)
  • Who comprised the population of the uncited surveys, experiments etc that led to such a blanketed general assumption that pedophilia is “normal”? Was the population so vast, that it truly can be an across-the-board representation of the male population as it was said in the headline and subsequent article? Or did a few student researchers hang outside a Cambridge University psych class entitled “Controversies of Modern Sexual Mores” or perhaps, “Secretive Male Sexual Fantasies” and recruit them for their survey?  The point being, in the latter examples, the population would be skewed significantly enough that perhaps from that targeted pool, yes, pedophilia may be considered “normal.” But does that mean that is an effectively-supported hypothesis that can be generalized across all of Western male sexual tendencies? NO.


I invite you to ask these questions along with me.

Because instead, I observed people reading the headline, seeing that this was a conference of so-called experts, and too quickly accepting that this preposterous claim (pedophilia as normal) is truth.

And herein lies my challenge, my quest, and my subsequent writing on the subject.

It is not just with this study, this article, this issue, that I am seeing people make snap judgments over issues far too-complicated to be quickly judged. We cannot accept truth spooned down our throats. We, as individuals, need to think critically with all of our reasoning abilities, or we collectively will be misled down a dark path of deception.

So I am undertaking this challenge, this so called “article” as an example of half-truths and spun reality, to educate. I will in the next “Special Edition” posts attempt to show how to find out truth, or at the very least, not make up our minds without determining to learn more FIRST.


I will talk of studies and experiments. I will make the discussion of bell-curves, standard deviations, and significant differences (all of which determines what is “normal” and what is not in an experiment or study) as fun, entertaining, but as effective as possible! It is my mission to encourage us to ASK QUESTIONS! Questions do not make us dumb; they make us educated!!!

I will show what makes up fallacies and how they distort the truth. It is important to know how those in power can make us feel, touching on our insecurities and emotions, or use errors in reasoning, allowing us to BELIEVE we are critically thinking, when in actuality, we are BEING LED TO THINK THAT WAY. Their Way.

I will address, candidly, sexual abuse. I don’t care about the taboo of talking of this subject. THIS SUBJECT INVOLVES OUR CHILDREN, THE FUTURE OF OUR WORLD. It is too important NOT to be talked about.

I will illustrate my points with case studies, and individuals brave enough to share their stories. I will attempt to interview those who attended this said conference at Cambridge University. I will also interview other “experts”, citing their known credentials and accomplishments to elicit their educated judgments and opinions. I will present the facts, HERE. And when I do give my opinion, you will know it–you will learn how to decipher what is true, from what is perception.

I will give alternatives and solutions. I will profile those who are making a meaningful difference in both victims of sexual abuse…and even in perpetrators. I will focus on the long-term ramifications of victims’ abuse on their lives. I will address what has been found to be true regarding perpetrators’ rehabilitation success rates. I will do my best, even when I find it distasteful, to give the information in these regards, in an unbiased manner.

Finally, I will encourage you and motivate you TO TAKE ACTION! All the knowledge in the world leads to nothing, if it does not become action. Only through knowledgeable action is the world impacted, and changed for the better.

As I believe in leading by example, I will give you my background now, so you can decide whether or not my presentation of the facts and when appropriate, my personal opinions, are credible:

About Me (KaiCarra)

  • I am a victim of sexual abuse. I was abused by my bio father when I was three, subsequently “revictimized” by babysitters from age 3-5, and was raped again by my bio father when I was 18. I was then incested by him for an additional three months before escaping my isolated living situation, with the help of a college professor and a counselor. The State of Texas did not have a law then prosecuting incest; they considered those over the age of 13 to have given consent. Nonetheless, I made a police report, which had enough information to warrant a Grand Jury hearing.  My aim at documenting my experiences was to establish history and precedence, in the the case my perpetrator decided to victimize others.
  • I entered college as a journalism major. After my junior year, addressing my history and healing, I decided to switch to my bachelors in psychology. I graduated with my B.A in Psychology in 1997, from an accredited university, with Honors.
  • My focus in my university studies was counseling. I was a student counselor in my Senior Year, taking Masters’ level classes even before my graduation. My studies centered on “The Detection, Intervention and Implications of Child Sexual Abuse.”
  • I have written published songs, and have spoken publicly of my experiences, having appeared at the United Nations, in Paris 2003.
  • I am an active child-advocate, as well as an advocate of fellow advocates.
  • I’m a smart cookie with not only education and experience behind me; I have an IQ of 142, and can call “Bullshit!” without a microsecond of hesitation.


This will be an extremely important series of articles, relevant to our defining times. To me, it will be the most important writing I have done in my life, thus far.

I encourage you to share the information and to discuss. It is time. Let’s put the “child sexual abuse” subject on the table and NOT look away. It’s time to talk.

Let’s show that we are braver than our fears, and begin.


I can be reached at Please feel free to email me, on any side of the issue you are concerned about.