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Marina Kanavaki

FAVE BLOG: my little chakra tree- by Marina Kanavaki

K’Cadences is happy to share the just-discovered wonderful art blog of Marina Kanavaki, with her piece “my little chakra tree” being featured at the end of this post.

There really is something to the energies at different chakra points. For the last several months, I’ve been working on my first chakra, the red one, as I’ve been dealing with basic issues: survival, safety, shelter, food, etc. I think of it as the lowest rung of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs– the foundational rung where everything else is built upon. Without balance of this 1st chakra, it is very difficult to establish relationships, pursue our dreams, or any other human aspiration. The building blocks must be there first.

Ways to balance chakras? Surround yourself with the color associated with the chakra in question. Google subliminal recordings on YouTube that help to open associated chakras and listen to them (helped me a lot!) Or take a look at Marina’s artwork below, and think about how you can meditate and express the energy flow of what “feels right” in your chakra tree. Remember nothing is right or wrong in your expression, but if your inner critic pipes in say “thank you for sharing, I will get back to you later” and keep going! PLAY!

I think Marina’s art is a wonderful cathartic way (expressing the energy through color and medium) to also open and balance chakras (in my opinion, another portal for energy entering or leaving our bodies = good health).

Many people think chakra-speak can be easily dismissed as new age hocus-pocus.

I think it just works, period. 🙂

Give it a try!

If you are attracted to red, you may need to work on your first chakra. Other colors are associated with different chakras. When I was going through my divorce, I was attracted to malachite green…and that made sense since I was dealing with my heart chakra and its healing. Below is a chart, that goes beyond the seven traditional chakras. See which one you are most attracted to these days, and you may be onto your next clue to healing, not just spiritually, but physically. It’s all connected, after all. 🙂

KaiCarra, Chakras
13 Chakras and Their Colors: Clues to Healing


Now, for Marina’s beautiful artwork! Please visit, immerse, and enjoy! 

my little chakra tree by marina kanavaki

Source: my little chakra tree

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