A couple of weeks ago I asked one of my four #CoolCats, (my little group of Tweeples who are equally crazed about music and cats, like me 🙂 )to share with me one of his favorite songs—a song that moved and motivated him.

Mark introduced “Here on Earth” by Orianthi to me. I listened to it, and while it’s a completely  different sound from what I usually listen to, I like it. It has some terrific guitar riffs –and  I like the groove of the song and the sway of its music. Its lyrics are powerful, and yet, it still conveys a “little bit at a time” in its cadence. The overall song is a paradox of “Let’s get this show on the road! I wanna do my thang!” with the sage advice of “All in good time” and “Tis everything there is a season.”

Orianthi’s “Here on Earth”

And isn’t that how it is for us dreamers, musicians, and those of us who have something “BIG” that we know we are supposed to do? We are in the starting gate, chomping on the bit, so to speak (or waiting in the wings as it is in my world) wrestling with our demons of “Am I good enough?” to “Hell yeah, I’m good enough, just let me start!”

Then we are released! We are out of the gate!

And how do we proceed?


Well hopefully, we strategized about that before the curtains rose, or the gate swung open. 😛

But…we can race with all our heart and spirit. And maybe get tired. Or we can reserve our strength, for that “perfect opportunity” to sprint and take the lead leaping in bounds toward the reality of our dream—the finish line. O we can envision, practicing in our mind again and again, knowing that we will get to the inside rail because we have practiced getting there 1000 times before.

But what if there is no perfect opportunity? Then why did we reserve our strength? Will we regret that we did? And what if our pure passion continues to feed us, despite giving all of our heart and soul, leaving nothing in reserve? And there are a thousand unseen disasters as well as opportunities. Despite having ridden the inside rail a thousand times in our mind, what if we get closed out?

Here’s the thing. It’s all good!!! Perhaps it’s all right, and it’s all wrong. Perhaps we are not supposed to have the answers. Perhaps it’s the jumbled chaos that is so incredibly beautiful–and it’s good enough to be a part of it, participating in it with everything we’ve got. Perhaps we just need to show up, stay in the game, not give up no matter what, and keep trying. Perhaps it’s ok to not know how it will end. Perhaps that’s so not the point-how it ends. We know the direction, the journey, maybe even the destination. What we don’t know is “when.” When do we arrive? And what does it look like when we do?

Maybe in the overall scheme of things, “when” does not matter. Maybe it’s about every day running the race, knowing we didn’t give it all of our efforts. We gave all our efforts, and then when we were weary, we gave even a little more. It’s about at the end of the day, knowing we did well. And knowing, that at the end of the race, WE WILL GET THERE.

The most important thing of all? This journey? This race? This blind exhilarating marathon to the manifestation of our dream? It will change us. It will make us into better people, by living our values and faith if we let it. Or it will break us, even if we win the prize.

There is such a thing as wanting something too much—even a dream, a race, a goal. Yes, there is. If it means compromising our values, and we become bitter hollow people, then it benefits no one to win the prize. What has been attained at the end goal? The glitter will tarnish and fade, and after the initial joy, we will feel emptiness.

But if we take on the challenge, and LIVE the journey, by growing and using our compass of values, resources, wisdom, and faith….then we have won. We have won! Before we ever cross the finish line.

That’s why I like this song’s lyrics so much. It ties in with K’Cadences’ theme of leading from within while chasing that dream, being all you could ever become so that at the end of this life you can say, “I used everything You gave me God. Thank You.”

Thanks #GrandCatterMark for opening up my horizons and sharing this song with me. It ROCKS! As you do. 🙂

Carry a song in your heart, and Light in Your Soul,


Kaicarra sunshine


Song Lyrics of “Here on Earth” by Orianthi

Well, I can’t find a sign
Everyone’s telling me I’ll be fine
Well, I don’t know what’s right, no, no
So many wrongs know where I turn

I can’t seem to find
Don’t want you to see me
I don’t want you to see me this way
I want to believe that I will find a man

I know this long road
Destination I don’t really know
I hope I find some peace of mind
Trying to take my days one at a time

Hold onto your dream
Try my best of what I want to be
Maybe someday you will see me shine
I just want to make the most of all my life
Here on earth

And we’re running out of time
Is this just my impatient side?
I don’t want to stay right here where I am, no, no

Just want to keep moving on, keeping strong, my faith along
Wanna keep on moving, I just want to keep on moving on
I just want to keep on singing
Until I can sing you my song

I know this long road
Destination I don’t really know
I hope I find some peace of mind
Try to take my days one at a time

Hold onto your dream
Try my best of what I wanna be
Maybe someday you will see me shine
I just want to make the most of all my life now

I don’t want to look back on all my time
And think that I should make more of my life, no, no, no
Well, I don’t want to be the dating type
People do you want, well in the end it’s up to you
To you to make it right