Introducing “Whatever Wednesdays” a hodgepodge of stories, hero/ine tributes and random thoughts… This first one is to my dear friends, Mr Brody and Ms Heather Jamieson Brown. Hugs!

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Mr Brody Cypress High Drama Teacher Mr Brody and Shakespeare

Many years ago, in a sun-filled land dotted with strawberry fields and palm trees there was a teacher that many students feared. He was gruff and knew what he wanted from his students. He had vision. And he had the talent to create that vision in costumes,  sets, videos, posters, composition and the English word- but most of all he had a vision of confidence and belief in his students. And for many of us, he helped to create it in ourselves.

His name was Mr Brody, and he was my Drama Teacher in my Senior Year of high school. A handful of teachers became life-changing forces for me, and Mr Brody was one of them.

Yes, he was gruff- but his heart was dear. He demanded excellence- or at least our personal  level of excellence.

My first play I was shaking in my boots. I…

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