I believe in God's miraclesIn the last 24 hours we have experienced volatile thunderstorms, flooding (we were safe, thank goodness) and our kitty who has cancer had a terrible day. Now, my mom who is traveling with me is very ill again.

In the last 24 hours God has sent me white feathers galore, random, encouraging songs, kind people who have helped us, a gorgeous cumulus-cloud sunset- it looked like an amazing crown of shells with rays coming down, and two horses to pet- one is gray (my fave).

Trying very hard in keeping the faith, God. I see the signs You and Your Angels are with us. I won’t give up. I will wait until You tell us it’s time. You alone know what You are working out for our benefit with these delays. I love you and choose to trust you (You know how hard that is for me, but I’m determined to do it).