My prayer for Our Country

Three years ago today I publically released my single, “Lady” on my label Gobriari. It is still available on iTunes and Amazon. I will give the links below.

I was more full of optimism then. In the last three years I’ve seen how close friends and family have fractured and disintegrated over pure survival of these times.

Some of my dearest friends are women– do I have to put the adjective “black” before women? They are just my friends. We share lives, hearts, joys and sorrows. Our souls are the same bright light, our blood is the same hue. What else matters? What we focus on, grows. So why have we focused on our differences and hate, rather than our shared experiences as human beings? Why are we pulling apart, when we so desperately need one another?

Our community is rife with tension as the race card is constantly played. We ignore the true threats to our country and focus on side fights to do “something” with the anger and powerlessness we feel. We plug ourselves in the TV and watch the Kardashians – and so long as the turmoil does not affect our back yard, we breathe a sigh of relief. Complacency and distraction will kill us, as it is killing our country.

Our elected leaders – on both parties- have gone rogue. They do not see themselves as public servants as their predecessors did. No, they are demigods and demi kings that enforce their own self-serving agendas.

Our Constitution – Our Beloved Map of Our Forefathers, who had the wisdom to see this coming, probably weep for us. Our amendments and Constitution have broken- not because they wouldn’t work any longer, but because our elected leaders betrayed us, lied as they said they would uphold it, and then failed time and again to enforce it, bowing down before a flesh-and-blood bully, rather than the nobility for what we, our country, always stood for.

Last year, I did not promote Lady on 4th of July because I felt so disheartened for my country.

Today, I offer it to you as a prayer…. A simple prayer for the country I’ve loved so much. Perhaps there will be those who will pray with me….and will open their eyes to the times we live in. We are breathing living history, and what we do now, affects so many outcomes. It is up to US, each one of US, what happens to our America. Every choice we make is for her or against her, today.

With love,

The links for iTunes/Amazon are within the video description.