Whoever is boldly-yet-anonymously giving me the 1-star on every single page and every single post…wow…lol…take a chill pill.

Or sing a song, like me!

Kaicarra sunshine

You  know…hatred is not good for you. It can give you heart attacks, cancer, I hear the stress of it can create cortisol- which makes people get a little plump around the middle. The stress of anger can increase your blood pressure which can lead to strokes besides that–it generally make you an unpleasant person to be around.

Why would you want to do all that to yourself? Don’t you like YOU? have some fun! Go take a run. Play with your dog. Take up knitting. Learn how to rumba! Scream in your pillow. These are all much healthier choices for you.

But suit yourself. And here you go…



Again, thanks! You are just too funny!