Fever is no longer here. Pain is gone. Exhausted but OK. Have no idea what on earth it was. Test results tomorrow.

In the meantime, playing catch-up.

Thank you all, for your Love. 🙂 BIG HUGS!!!!

“Sunday Blessings” from last week have been scheduled for tomorrow, so it shall be entitled “Friday Blessings”.

K’Cadences will be nearing a month’s semi-hiatus soon, as I’m in the final month of getting outta Texas. 😀 But I have scheduled a few surprises, along with “The Lark” series every Sunday, and a few “in case you didn’t see this” articles.

Then when I’m all settled on my new “leaf” (I envision being a moth settling on a leaf for a new home-don’t ask me why- just spontaneous visuals again) we will continue the fun. FIRST priority –BLOG AWARDS, Sheesh! I will be glad to catch up with those!

I’ll be back. Not time to cross the State Line yet…..SOON. 

Carry a song in your heart, and Light in Your Soul.