Anyone who knows me well knows I LOVE goats! Love them. All the time – I’m talking about them, dreaming about them, naming them, thinking of how I can have a rotating goat grazing system to mow my acreage- and when spent- wildflower and lavender fields. Then I draw little goat house plans so they’re safe and up from the ground to build on my micro-organic-farmette. I’m trying to decide what kind of dog would be best to help keep my little goats safe, and how I think I want the kids and the puppy at the same time, so they are well-bonded as they grow up together.

Then I think of goat cheese for me and goat milk for the kitties. Goat milk soap. Whey from the goat cheese (which is so good for you!) Yarn that I can spin from goat mohair-which reminds me, I need a spinning wheel and to learn how to spin.

All this for two goats. That’s all I want. Two LITTLE goats that are good milkers and good mohair-growers, and of course, good company. I’m constantly coming up with new names for my two goats, Grackle and Gretl are in the lead today.

Yes, how I dream about my goats and long for the sound of sweet, gruff, dissonant Goat baa’s.


Did I tell you I love goats?

It started out innocently enough. One day, my ex husband, the archetypal Capricorn he is, was being quite rude while visiting our friends in Germany. He was hungry, and as men often do, morphed into beast until his stomach was fed. He literally jumped up and down in front of our friends and said “Let’s go!” like an impertinent child. Our friends, my sister (who was visiting us) -me- were shocked silent. Then not knowing what to do or how to react, they each looked at me. I said the first thing that came to my mind, “You are SUCH A GOAT!!!” which my friends, relieved, grabbed onto the nickname forevermore and burst out laughing.With that, because The Goat had not been fed yet, we promptly left without further rude Goat activity.

And then, I saw them everywhere in the German countryside. Precious little funny furry goats. And I fell in love.

So I thought I’d share my passion and love for goats, illustrated by the posts of other enlightened bloggers who have high goat-regard.

First I learned something today….Who knew that the humble goat had such an important but unspoken part of our valiant history?!

This is an absolute crack-up and will be sure to make you giggle! Ready? You sure?

Goats on a Trampoline!

And finally, for those of you who are not convinced that goats are awesome (almost as awesome as #coolcats) here’s a little snippet to show you how goats cannot resist a challenge and must be Top Goat of the Rocks. Lots of ambition in those goats. Inspiring.
King of the Rock Pile

So let the Camel have his Wednesday. Let the goats have Monday. Because if they can’t climb to the top of the day, they will make you laugh at it- and if they can’t do either, goats are known to eat anything. I bet that includes Mondays.

So Happy Mon-
Um……yep, like I thought…

Happy Tuesday! πŸ˜€