New indie music release; a happy song that intrigues the reviewer to ask deeper questions.


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Do you know the people closest to you?

Do you think you know their thoughts and their desires?

Sometimes, the closer you are to people, the more assumptions you make about their thoughts, desires, and wishes. I am guilty of this on many occasions. My expectations, or preconceived notions, can sometimes stop someone in their tracks and shut them down. Every once in a while, I am right, but it is still wrong. Wrong, because I didn’t give my dearest ones the time to be themselves and complete their thoughts and sentences. I didn’t listen.

It is the idea of thinking we know or anticipating someone’s response, which I believe, can tear away at a relationship. I want to expect the best from others and remind myself that I can’t always base the future on the past. This is necessary work toward being more open-minded.

Perhaps it is simply selfish…

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