I warned you somewhere along the way, that I share my random, spontaneous visuals, So a mandolin-a beautiful Renaissance rosewood mandolin popped into my mind. And it came to me that I had always wanted to play the guitar, but my fingers will just not bend that way. I have a great expanse (for piano) but guitar- no go. So are there any mandolin-players out there? What do you think, could that be more manageable. I know there are no frets, but I have good muscle memory and ear. So if I could just wrap my phalanges around its little neck,  🙂 it could work.

PS-thank you all for your dear comments this past week. I was greatly encouraged, and am trying hard to keep taking another step until this blasted move is over. I felt the love, mixed up with some disequilibrium  and of course, mama drama, but it was there–and thank you. ❤

OK-back to random question–Would love to know what you think?

Mandolin? Or stick with Celtic Harp?