Sunday blessings! My fellow “Children of the Light”:

remember how much more we have in common that brings us together, than what we have different and separates us. We have our beliefs- for God believed in us so much that He gave us Free Will. And I choose to believe that we try hard to know Him, because we want to so much, that we put Him in comprehendable terms for our human mind. But that’s just it– we are human and He is God. We are the ones who are limited; He is not. How can any of us have the corner on God? So maybe we can believe what we choose to believe, but let there be empty spaces around those beliefs- room for more. Room for the unknown. Room where other people’s ideas can be, without their clashing with our own. There is no reason to fear those empty spaces. If we act from Love, there is never a reason to fear the empty spaces. We are protected by Him, for He IS Love.

I believe all He asks from us is to simply love Him, and each other. Nothing else matters.

As most of you know, I’ve chosen to be Christian. Personally, when I pray to God the Father, I find myself calling Him “Papa” lately. I love the name “Yeshua” for Jesus- it sounds so soft, loving, and pretty. I always found the name “Jesus” to be harsh- maybe because I’ve seen so many evangelists use Jesus’ name as a magical word. The Holy Spirit, to me, is constantly communicating to me through white feathers, my music, my writings, and whatever I see in the day as guidance. I really don’t have a name for Him/Her/It, just an image of Light. I believe in Mary and the Saints, because I am constantly searching for and being inspired by human role models who lived the Light, and basically “walked their talk.” That’s a really big thing for me-walking one’s talk even if it means putting everything you love and your own life on the line for it. I only pray I have the courage to do so, if God were ever to ask it of me. He is Someone I never want to disappoint- though I know I do, so much of the time. But I grow in trying hard not to. And my favorite church? Grace Rock on Laguna Beach (a place I love there) or anywhere where nature is- God needs no improvement in His Creations.

I have many names. I have my birth name, Mary Elaine. I have my biological surname, I have my adoptive surname, I have my stage name and I have my legal name I use “out there” to keep my privacy. There was a time that names were so important to me that I changed my legal name when I was 15. Now I know that names don’t matter. They are simply a convenience for us. Different names have not changed me one bit. It was my Spirit’s growth that changed me. But. God knows who I am, and that’s all that matters.

My wish for us all would be to remember what’s important. My friends and fellow “Children of the Light” are Christian, Jewish, Pagan, Buddhist, Agnostic, and Native Americans who believe in “Father Sky and Mother Earth.” I believe I am friends with Allah too (same God, right?), although I have a hard time with those who use the Koran these days to put down women, and really put down everyone else. But ALL religions have gone through their fundamental stages of history. Religion and spirituality are two different things.

I struggle too, to remember what brings us together, rather than what separates us. But I think, it’s a struggle worth having.

I want to be close to my Brothers and Sisters. All of them, if I can be- if they will allow me to be.  I don’t need to belong to a club.

Just my two cents. 🙂

Sunday Blessings,

With love,