You said she saw me there.
But I never knew.

She wouldn’t say hello.
She could have helped me.
My soul was screaming
From what he was doing.
It took a stranger
To get me the hell out of there.

That last day
When I played my song
You said it touched you.
But I never knew.
You sat silent, eyes wide.
And I thought, “I tried.”

He left us for you.
But you never knew.
We were hungry and second-rate.
But with you, he stayed.

Did that make you better?
We thought so, but no.
He just left later.

You aren’t like them, though you try to be.
You should be proud you’re not skin-deep.
You’re not like him, though you fear you are.
Your strength and resolve are stronger by far.

I never intended
To see you again
But a child’s eyes
Told me when
To speak, to tell
Of his sin
In hopes he would
Not begin again.

But in the end,
You chose not to believe.
My message ignored,
As you erased me.
You “never knew
What was true.”
But I know how…
How you got here.
It’s easy not to care.

I know now.

To close the door,
To refuse to see
Behind the facades
To keep the peace.

But deep down.
When it’s quiet
And no one’s around?

You can’t say it-
You never knew. Now.

Copyright KaiCarra, May 10, 2015. All rights reserved.