Inspirational stories do not just belong to people. It is expected that we, people are to serve one another, although it is often forgotten. Animals in the force and service animals are inspiring to me. Their love, devotion and loyalty are all-encompassing. There’s nothing like it. No wonder we love them so very much and are bereft when they need to go. Maybe there’s a special reward for dogs like Solo, or my Mom’s service animal Urr (who went to Rainbows on April 1st). I hope so. I hope they know how incredibly special they are and how deeply they’ve touched lives. Thank you Sweet Solo for all you’ve done. Thank you Urr Minkabeh for your incredible tenacity, humor, positivity, sense of justice, courage, your knowing what to do, and above all your LOVE. We will miss you forever.

Soul Gatherings

A Police K-9 Dog Died Yesterday. This is his Caretaker/Partner/Best Friend Saying Goodbye one Last Time.

A photo of K9 Police Dog ‘Solo’ and his partner, Staff Sgt. Carlos Dipuma.

solo I

The memorial service included a photo montage of Solo and his partner, Staff Sgt. Carlos Dipuma, as well as a moment of silence for the K-9 officer so many had grown to love.

Then many in the multi-purpose building at Farris Park sniffled as Solo’s last radio call went out.

“Attention all units, be advised that Solo does not respond. K-9 Solo is now deceased and will be laid to rest February 2, 2015,” the dispatcher said.

With that last call came a finality for so many Monday morning: the dog they trusted with their lives was gone.

“I’m gonna miss Solo. I’ve cried so many tears these last couple of days,” Dipuma said. “It’s been hard.”

On Friday, Solo…

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