This is the FIRST time I have been nominated for a Liebster award, and I feel jazzed about it! It’s an honor to feel the love from other bloggers–especially since I’m new at this–and I’m happy to pass forward the warm-fuzzies!

The Liebster Award is a chain award that was created by bloggers, and is a tradition to make new friends in the blogging community.

K'Cadences Nominated for Liebster Award, April 19, 2015
K’Cadences Nominated for Liebster Award, April 19, 2015

So random facts about me? Eeeks…introspection. That’s tough (yeah, right).

Here’s 11 random facts about me:

  1. I really was born on Holy Saturday. They brought me to my mother for the first time with rabbit ears pasted on my head, and a cotton tail on my rear-end. Yep.
  2. I love bradford pear trees, dogwood trees, and cedars. I just love trees.
  3. My favorite toe nail polish is robin’s egg blue.
  4. When I was little, I would carry a tiny cross around with me, believing that if I prayed hard enough at any moment God would grant my wish to fly.
  5. In August, I am beginning to film a student documentary on Disappearing American History for grad school.
  6. I suck at playing pool, but I love it.
  7. My sister says I act in life like “Bambi dancing in front of Godzilla”. But in Texas, I think I’ve earned my b!$#h stripes for having to fight for EVERYTHING here. I’d like to go back to being Bambi, please.
  8. I LOATHE smug, snobby people. They really creep me out.
  9. I’m a little psychic. So I promise if we ever shake hands, I’ll keep what I “see” to myself. 🙂
  10. Cats are my favorite animals. Really, truly, madly, crazy about cats.
  11. You had me at “French.” Along with fromage, chic, vin, armoire, or anything “francais.”

I was nominated by blogger: Passionately Unpredictable. check them out!!. Link below.

Questions from Passionately Unpredictable:

  1. Why did you decide to start blogging? Writing was my first creative love. After a Life Change this past January, I found comfort first in journaling, and then in blogging. It’s been a way to clarify where I’m going in my life-and how I want to be when I get there.
  2. What’s your biggest fear? That my life will not have mattered, and I wasted what God had given to me, because I did not use my courage to remain true to my Soul. That I did not touch enough people’s hearts with love and compassion, through song, or just by holding their hand. I would be really disappointed in myself if I let that happen.
  3. If you could pack up your things and move anywhere, where would it be and why? In a heartbeat, I would move to Normandy in a little stone cottage on the Banks of a particular Rive I love. I think I would make a marvelous hermit. But Life has other ideas for me.
  4. What’s your biggest accomplishment? Buying my first horse- a gorgeous 4 year old Arabian filly-with the money I had earned myself, when I was 14. It set the precedence for the other things to come in my life.
  5. What’s your favourite blog that you’ve written? Share it with me. This one–about my Drama Teacher in high school who had a profound positive impact on me.
  6. If you could go to dinner with anyone, real or imaginary. Dead or alive. Who would it be and why? My grandmother. I miss her. She’d be able to hear me (toward her final years, she was practically deaf), because she is in Heaven, and I would thank her for everything she taught me and how she was always so INCREDIBLY strong for me. I would not be here today, if it weren’t for her. She was the “safe haven” in my childhood–the place where my sister and I could go, not hear incessant fighting, and just be children, playing hopskotch with the chalk she’d buy for us. I’d thank her for her endless stories of saints, and how they taught me to believe in miracles. And then I’d play or sing all my songs for her so she could finally hear them, and I’d ask her to play the piano again for me– EVERYTHING she ever played for me before. I’d sing Bach-Gounod’s “Ave Maria” with her (she taught it to me when I was 11, and helped me with Latin pronunciation in the music I was studying). Then I would ask her for her precious hollyhock seeds, from the flowers she grew every year. So I could plant them in my own garden and think of her.And I would hug her tightly and cry, and let her know I would see her again soon enough. In the Right Time. His Time.
  7. What’s your favourite “feel-good”  song? “I Can See Clearly Now”
  8. Who’s your biggest inspiration? Yeshua. (my name for “Jesus.”) I don’t like how people have over-used His name, to the point that sometimes the way they say it, it hurts my ears. This name, from Hebrew meaning “Messiah”, sounds like a prayer and a song. I call My Beloved…. “Yeshua”.
  9. What’s your favourite song to sing in the shower? Think of Me, from Phantom of the Opera. I love pounding out that last note. 🙂
  10. Who’s your celebrity crush? It changes. Now it’s Pierce Brosnan.
  11. Beach holiday or city holiday? I’m a SoCal Girl! Beach Beach Beach!!!! No makeup, brumby hair, lots of SPF, sand between my toes, salt in my teeth, sarong over my bikini, and in the frothy Pacific Ocean waves, feeling light as air and body surfing. Oh YEAH!

And tomorrow I shall nominate and pass the Liebster Award on!

Thank you Passionately Unpredictable. Muah!

And of course, it’s taken me longer than I had planned, but I’m preparing to give out my own award for people “who make a difference”. Stay tuned….he will deserve the award just for his patience with me!

Carry a song in your heart, and Light in Your Soul,