After reading Lidiya’s blog post in Reach for Success, I started journaling again. I started at her suggestion to write ten minutes at a time. Since doing that a couple of months ago, it has unlocked something dormant within me since I was a child. I kept a journal since I was ten years old and could stay up for hours writing in it.

It’s a perfect time to journal again. To remember the little joys in the day that just a little while ago, passed by unnoticed. But this time, I decided not only to journal but to be very honest with myself as I go through some significant changes -by writing EVERYTHING down in my journal. So far, I have not included any grocery lists. 🙂 But this journal is surprising from my previous ones. It contains sketches of portraits I intend on creating, a lot of brainstorming, problem solving, a lot of planning, even my present budget. I know that in recently choosing the direction I’m pursuing in my life, something big is happening here. I don’t know when I will need to read my journal in the future, maybe on a day of discouragement? But for now it continues to be the key of discovering “what’s next?”

I am living my favorite song, Moon River these days. I have the direction I’m going, the River is my path, and since I don’t have a clue of anything else, I will enjoy the journey, the drifting, the rest. I’m not alone, I will get where I’m going; it has all been planned for me because I asked Him to do so, and writing helps me to uncover the next step. His next Baby Step for me.

It is joyous- to be writing again.

The author below wrote how a journal is the way God wakes us up. Yes. He knows His children wisely! I love how she has a “journal fetish”. Perhaps they are glimpses into the upcoming chapters in her life…

Carry a song in your heart and a Light in Your Soul!

Jane & Co.

“Find Joy in the Ordinary”–that’s what the cover read.

It was a journal, there on the shelf.  It called my name.  I couldn’t ignore it.  Have I mentioned my journal fetish? It’s actually kind of scary… So, into the cart it went.

The journal wasn’t pretty like the ones I generally buy, quite on the contrary.  The words though, something I felt like God has been teaching me over the last several months and He keeps whispering it everywhere I go…

Is it the ordinary that embodies the extraordinary?  Are we the ordinary that He uses to do the extraordinary?  Does the ordinary have more meaning than we give it credit for?

I fall asleep so often to the things of God, forgetting that He has a purpose for my everyday existence.  Forgetting that He makes the ordinary extraordinary.  Without Him, it’s all meaningless (so said the poet).

Why do I…

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