Stunning imagery this young Sunday morning…. Blessings!

Carry a song in your heart and Light in Your Soul!

The Vision of Poets


Standing in Silence

When I flew as an eagle flies
I hovered above you
Like Orion in the crisp night sky…
Watching over you in your humanness
With the pretentiousness of believing
I could protect you in the darkness
Like the Angels that linger near to you
While you are sleeping…
Yet, I was but an eagle
Soaring through the sky
Rising to great heights in my courage and strength
While barren of the wisdom of the owl
Within the darkness…
I lost sight of you as
You wandered in and out of the shadows
My wings bound by my pervading disquietude
Of flight without vision…
I could only stand in my silence
And await the dawn
With only the hope that those with sight
Where Cimmerians dwell
Would reach for you
With their light in the darkness…

When I roamed as a panther
In the darkness of the deep…

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