“Courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means at the point of highest reality. ”
― C.S. Lewis

Today, one of my favorite bloggers speaks of one of my favorite subjects: Courage. I think we need to establish what values are most important to us AS we go after our goals.


It is a decisive and conscious way to live – the end goal isn’t the only important thing. How did we get there? Did we help others along the way? Did we speak up for truth, even when our voices shook? Did we remain true to what we believe? Or did we trade vital pieces of ourselves for glitter? Goals attained by breaking who we really are, are hollow and empty. We will become bored of them.


Goals attained by the development of ourselves becoming deeper, more real and despite it all, more loving in the process? To me, that is a true “win”. You’ve earned the prize and the world has become better for it as you got there. That is a life well lived. And it takes much courage.

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Another blog I’d like to share with you is of courage: the courage it takes to be a real leader. It is also a reminder to be sure that the glories you want to possess “out there” are already within your own heart and mind.

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I am so blessed to be surrounded by the wisdom of these writers. Go after your dreams…and become like the Heart of the Lion and the Lamb along the way. Then the celebration will be so joyful and victorious, that the party will be in both Heaven and on Earth.

It is why I wrote the song “Lady” for our country, and for anyone who lives for The Light. Courage.

The song/short film “Lady” by KaiCarra:

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