I am a Child of Holy Saturday
I was born to walk the edge of two worlds -of Flesh and Spirit. To remind Flesh of Love and Beauty.To ask Spirit, what next would You have me create to help them remember Who they are intended to be?

Children born on Saturdays are said that they will work all their lives. A Child born on Holy Saturday? I like to think we are born to do Holy Work all our lives. I have always felt it an honor and a loving gift He gave to me.

And so it is here, once again. The Day Between the Darkness and the Dawn.

I wait in the darkness for the light to appear.
Do I doubt? Yes. Did He? I imagine not.

The pain of the day before, erased, except the scars in order for us to know it is Him.
His first thought was still of us, despite everything:
To comfort, to reassure, to teach that nothing in this world lasts. Our fears are immaterial. The only thing that’s real is Love.

Evil never has the last say.

I try to be like Him. I fall so short. But I love Him so, that I continue to try. For He is the Light I’ve been waiting for. And even on Holy Saturday, waiting on the edge of two worlds, with Him near, the darkness falls away.

Holy Saturday
April 4, 2015