I started a book years and years ago called, “Moving On” by the author, Sarah Ban Breathnach, who wrote “Simple Abundance.” At the time, I was not ready for its ideas and put it away. Sometimes we need to “grow into” our books. We picked them for a reason- they spoke to us loudly enough to purchase them. But even if the teacher has shown up, the student isn’t always quite ready for the message. That’s ok. Books wait. They are patient teachers.

I am making many changes this year: personally, professionally, possibly even geographically (to expat again). I am ready to streamline, let go of things that no longer serve or bring up memories I no longer want. I crave space, empty walls and blank canvasses in which to design new creations. I know I’m ready to “become” even if it is an uncomfortable process; for the mission is well worth it: freedom. And I will find it by letting go of the remnants of my past I no longer want to carry. It will be easier, and I sense, more uplifting to pick the things I do want, rather than sift through everything and decide what I don’t want. If it has nothing to do with my music, my writings, my family, France, joy, or my most relevant artwork, it no longer belongs to me. I will take only what I love, and let EVERYTHING else go, just as I intend to move towards the Love that still thrives in my life, and turn away from the indifference. I love with ALL my heart, without reservation. It makes sense that I want to surround myself with nothing but the same. I’m so looking forward to it.

So this will also be another series of articles for this year- as I work through this book. I do expect it to be a transformation …of what I’m not sure. But it is something good. I’m not even sure what these chapters will look like, let alone its “end.” It is an experiment and adventure that you, the reader, and I will discover together.

So to sum up, besides little posts here and there, the series I’m working on this year are:

1. Running with Wild Horses
2. Predators in the Field
3. Moving On

Besides of course, blogs/reblogs of Music News, Inspiration, and Cool Cats.

The different posts of the series will begin soon, as will the new chapters of “moving on”.


Carry a song in your heart, and Light in Your Soul.