Wow. I love this. Just what I needed right at this moment. Hope you enjoy it too! Blessings!


For they are all petty little clowns

When I stop for a second I can hear the silence

It’s not as comforting as others claim

I watch the dark movie of life in suspense

My heart drums my ears in disdain

Silence, it pierces the unsettled mind

No escape from the troubled void

To be kind is to be tied up in a bind

Burrowed and left to be destroyed

Got to keep running wildly and so fast

Can’t breathe and can’t blindly blink

This too shall come and blithely pass

Throw all your troubles into the battered sink

Stir it all up and be bold

No man can hold you down

No river will make you cold

For they are all petty little clowns

The biggest clown is the little man behind the curtain

So don’t be ruled by the insanity of vapid cows and trolls

Let your…

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