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Hello My Peeps!

The last couple of months I’ve been experimenting- learning more about WordPress, dredging up old articles, brainstorming articles yet-to-be-written. It has been fun while learning.

For now I’m going to try blogging original pieces every other Friday, starting today, and during the week share other humorous or inspirational stories from other blogs. If after a couple more months I feel like I can write more, then I will! And will update the publishing schedule then. 🙂

While I intersperse my blogging with old interesting tales, I thought I would go back “to the basics” about blogging. I just jumped into blogging, like I often do with most things in my life and just wrote, then clicked on “publish”.)

But while I am spending much of my time these days writing business letters, queries, summaries -making HUGE CHANGES in my life – in order  to balance, I thought it might be interesting to take Blogging 101 here on WordPress, and learn the great ideas they have. (And one day I will learn how to control the bold button without randomly “bold-ing” words!

Yesterday’s assignment (I was busy writing an 18 page report so just saw it today) it asked who are you and why are you blogging? Lol, it reminds me of a bright light going off in a dark room and me in the corner sitting on a chair. Yeah, one thing about me you’ll have to know -I share “spontaneous visuals” 😛

anime piano

I started this blog after trying an emailed newsletter and emailing it to the list I’ve assembled with my music contacts. It was a great experiment, but it only reached the people I already knew.

I wanted to write about people with inspirational stories who were doing what they love- not necessarily, what the world told them to do. I wanted to meet people with that type of conviction, integrity and courage. I think as we encourage others,  we also are encouraged. There are plenty of people who can profess the right words- but I wanted to meet the real thing. The people who LIVED what they believe. And I call them #CoolCats after the little Twitter group that gave me the encouragement I needed when I started to live what I believe.

I live for all the values I listed above, yet my art form of delivering what I love is music- and soon, film. My music is a sacred connection to “something” (to me, God) that continually teaches me about Life. I’ve learned the most through my music. It is a form of prayer for me, really. Without saying the words, without knowing what I want to say. I just sit at the keyboard and BE. Pretty soon, my fingers are flying over the keys and I play what “I feel.” Sometimes words come, sometimes not. Sometimes I will remember the song, many of them I won’t. They were an ethereal answer to a silent prayer my soul asked for. And I am better for it day by day.

To me, showing up in your life is the Prayer. Your intuition has an Answer if you let yourself act upon it. Your Choices from the intuition is the result of that sacred interaction….And your Life is made up of each of those inspired moments, making you better for it, Day by Day.

That is what I’m about and what this blog is about. My author friend says, “Remember who you are.” YES. And then I say, “Be who you are.”

Keep a song in your heart, and Light in Your Soul.