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I’m sorry for being delayed. The last couple of weeks’ events in the indie field have been amazing, and not in a great sense. Unfortunately, this field is rife with predators who will take the intellectual property of an artist, or even recorded, copyrighted, registered, and published work, if they can. The Internet makes it easy.

Do What You Need to Protect Yourself FIRST.
Do What You Need to Protect Yourself FIRST.

So, in order to process the lessons of these past weeks plus adding my own experience from about a year ago, I’m writing an article to publish here shortly, giving examples of what an artist needs to do to protect themselves. There are no shortcuts. As much as an artist is eager to share their work and beam with pride–DON’T– until you have all the paperwork that shows that the beautiful work is YOURS. Don’t believe the hype or the help seemingly kind strangers or “supporters” offer you. I know, it feels so good to have someone love your work  and believe in you. I’ve been there.  But a lot of times these people are just looking to take something, preying off an artist’s hopes and need for recognition.

Don’t give up your dreams. Don’t give up your hope. But also, don’t unknowingly give away your beautiful work from your control. It’s your creative child. You are the best person to look out for your creation.

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Intellectual Property Agreements (IPA’s)

DMCA Take Down Notices

Be back soon.