I hate fire ants too, but yes their perseverance is to be admired. 🙂 Happy Friday!

Bill Dye Ministries

My Border collie Aggie loved to chase baseballs. We live in the country, so you couldstand and hit a ball as far as you can and she would go get it. One day I was standing in the front yard playing hitting balls to Aggie, when all of a sudden I felt that familiar stinging sensation. I look down and my foot is swarming with fire ants.

I hate fire ants.

I danced, jumped, and moved. I tried to knock them away, but the damage was done. You know the pain. Stinging and burning from their little injections of poison. I hate those little cretins!

But you know, you have to admire them.

I was so mad that I walked over to their mound and started pounding it with the baseball bat.

Die you little villains!

The more I banged, the more of them poured out to attack me. I was crushing dozens…

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