A wonderful reminder. I’m gonna do it! I kept a journal since I was ten years old. But then in the past ten years, I have hardly written for myself. It’s time. Thanks for this post! -K

Let's Reach Success

How Writing For 10 Minutes Every Day Can Change Your Life, Let's Reach SuccessSource

The first hour of your day is a sacred time.

It defines the course of the rest of the day. It’s time only for yourself. And it’s when your mind is most susceptible and whatever you engage it in, affects you strongly.

I believe that if you change your morning ritual, you can change your life.

Especially if you spare ten minutes for writing down what’s on your mind.

It’s a successful technique because each of its elements is powerful. Here they are:

  1. Early morning

Establishing a routine is so worth it. But there’s something absolutely amazing about doing it in the early hours.

All great people, the creative ones, those in the business world, and everyone who can be considered productive, know the benefits of a morning routine.

It helps you kickstart your day, get stuff done, fill yourself with energy and positive thoughts and get out…

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