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As many of my closest friends know, a few Life Events have happened that are in need of my full attention right now. That’s ok. As Stephen Covey put it, we need to take care of our “big rocks” first. That’s not to say music and film aren’t among my big rocks. They are. But “my boulders” are my family and principles.  Sometimes that means having to deal with sand and pebbles who like to get in the way. That’s Life. It certainly makes for an interesting beach scape. 🙂

In the meantime, I will be publishing some of my old work and hope you enjoy it.

Keep a song in your heart, and Light in Your Soul,

KaiCarra aka #LadyGroban

Prologue–“Running with Wild Horses” by KaiCarra


It’s a beautiful spring day as I sit here on my patio writing this to you, Dear Reader. For most of us, this winter has been a long and surprising one. Unusually hard. The Earth and her rain, sleet, snow, floods, quakes, and tsunamis seem to reflect the harshness of changes many of us are experiencing all over the world.

But today is a respite in Dallas, TX. The sky is blue and cloudless. Where there was snow just a few days ago, Bradford pear blossoms are blooming and swaying in the breeze. Except for the infernal blowers (sigh) the only sounds I hear are little brown birds chirping and darting about the boughs of trees, looking for mates, or twigs for nests.

It’s a good day. A day of quiet (for the most part). A day of peace. The solace fills the empty coffers of my soul, as I know it is a gift to be enjoyed and sent from above.

Yet I find this ironic, because just a couple days ago when the snow was here, something happened that is inspiring the story I’m about to write.

But before I do, I just want to point out that perhaps for some in this urban world we live in, horses are hard for people to relate to. But whether it is about dogs, cats, hamsters or horses, this is really a story of any animal, and how loving one, can change one’s life. Anyone who has loved an animal can relate. Anyone who has really loved, can relate.

So today, I’m going to write about two spirits whom I have been blessed to know and love in my life.   Again, it pre-empts what I had planned to write, so from now on I will not have an agenda for this blog. It keeps it real. After all, this blog K’Cadences, is about Dances with Spirit—choreography and notes only go so far. It’s nothing without the passion, emotion, and inspiration that Spirit provides moment-to-moment, IN the moment.

So, out goes the agenda—my agenda—and in comes His. That’s when everything works out for the best anyway.

Mar 23, 2010

to be continued…