BIG PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENT- As you guys know – I’m getting into the film scoring thing. So in Love is the big project for 2014. I’m committed to another film in 2015, and instead of working on the animated one in 2016, decided to table it for future and go for the one I really want to do. By then I should have learned/networked enough to pull it off. And by then I should have lined up a corporate co-sponsor to partner with that has a foundation for women.

SO! Here it is! Here’s the announcement I’ve been keeping under my hat for a while- a dream so big I didn’t know how I was ever going to grow into it.

I am producing, and co-directing my own film in 2016. The working title is called “Moon,” as I haven’t trademarked the full title yet. It is a true story- my story of what happened when I was 18, and the people who helped me. And finally, it is about that last day- how I had to fight to the very last second possible to even have a chance at a future (Rica and Lee- this is the part of the story I never got to tell you – what happened after I last saw you that day).

Right now, I have other film commitments but I’ve written the screenplay. Tentative timeline: casting/crew begins in Jan. 2015; pre-production begins that following April. Production begins late 2015 through early 2016. Post production from April – June. Hope to have it in the can Sept of 2016. Ambitious timeline- may need to adjust it. It will be a short, perhaps about 30 min in length.

I may have my lead actress, but it will be an open call on Stage 32 later this year, and actual audition is by appt. at time of casting. All filming will take place here in DFW, where it happened.

Also I will need an experienced Director who will let me co-Direct, as I know myself and will be very hands on with this movie. I have to be- I lived it. It is a very dramatic film on an issue seldom talked of.

My hope is to distribute it in high schools and colleges. It has very much of a public message.
My target audience is unspoken survivors who are just old enough to finally do something about it.

So there it is. Didn’t want to announce it yesterday as So in Love’s campaign takes precedence this year. But the day after International Women’s Day is pretty awesome too.

After all, what comes AFTER you think everything will be ok, is sometimes the biggest fight of your life. For your life.

Me (K) xoxo
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