Mr Brody Cypress High Drama Teacher
Mr Brody and Shakespeare

Many years ago, in a sun-filled land dotted with strawberry fields and palm trees there was a teacher that many students feared. He was gruff and knew what he wanted from his students. He had vision. And he had the talent to create that vision in costumes,  sets, videos, posters, composition and the English word- but most of all he had a vision of confidence and belief in his students. And for many of us, he helped to create it in ourselves.

His name was Mr Brody, and he was my Drama Teacher in my Senior Year of high school. A handful of teachers became life-changing forces for me, and Mr Brody was one of them.

Yes, he was gruff- but his heart was dear. He demanded excellence- or at least our personal  level of excellence.

My first play I was shaking in my boots. I thought “less is more” as his reputation echoed in my mind. So, though I had much acting experience, I tried out for the part of Peaseblossom in MidSummer Night’s Dream, and I got it! Our little group of Shakespearan sprites included a young girl named Heather Jamieson.

Funny  how life can have its twists and turns…I didn’t know Heather that well in high school- but later, with the advent of social media, we reconnected and found we shared so many things in common: hardships, dreams forgotten and then reclaimed, aging parents, and the love of drama, music and the English word.

Mr Brody had gone on to heaven, to hang out with his own mentor, Mr Shakespeare, by this time. But he lives on in his students and all who loved him. I loved Mr Brody, and I think Heather did, too.

This blog post serves two purposes- to pay tribute to a teacher who taught me to believe in myself, and to introduce my friend and Ms PR Blogger Extraordinaire, Heather Jamieson-Brown.

Life and Careers are picking up speed- so I am happy to announce that Heather is joining my team, and will be writing and posting blogs here on K’Cadences.

Her own story is pretty inspirational, but it is her story to tell. And as she is joining as my PR Person, she will help to tell my stories when I am too busy playing the piano. 🙂

I love how Life happens. Shakespeare found Mr Brody, Mr Brody found his students, and his students found themselves and each other.

But then, Kindred Spirits always find a way to sprinkle mischief and fairy dust on a MidSummer Night.

Carry a song in your heart, and Light in Your Soul.