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3 Key Elements To Improving Leadership

In the Spirit of #CoolICat Leadership (The Art of Living Courage, Integrity and Conviction.) Great leadership is the key to success. Great communication is the key to great leadership. Think of any great leader in modern time: Gandhi, Martin Luther King,... Continue Reading →

Crabbies in a Pot

I was sharing with my sister (my best friend) something that had happened at my work this past week. It was what we call a "learning opportunity" in which I was doing very well at my work, but another coworker,... Continue Reading →

Do You Want to Start Your Own Business?

But you have questions? We are in the process of answering questions of those who are considering becoming entrepreneurs and want more say in their own lives. Please take a moment to fill out this 2-minute form. If your question... Continue Reading →

Finally working on this!

Rolling out the red carpet for blog awards! Starting with the .....Leibster Award Nominees. (My goal is 1/21/17). So sorry for taking so long. Feel a little daunted by it, can anyone give me pointers on what questions to ask, and... Continue Reading →

What Did You Want To Be?

Sometimes the journey back to ourselves is a long one. But it is a journey worth taking. (Click to read more...)

Thank You So Much!

K'Cadences' Blog recently celebrated its 3rd anniversary! Thank you so much for reading and sharing my random thoughts. Many many blessings to you and yours, this coming New Year!! Here are the most popular posts from the last three years.... Continue Reading →

There are stars…

It is always the darkest before the dawn….I’m dedicating this to those who need a little encouragement today. God bless you!

Sacred Touches

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 10.43.01 PM.png
**Images via Pinterest; collage by Natalie

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